If you have struggled with yo-yo diets, starting again every day, feeling out of control around food, I can help you.

If you have been obsessing about abs, fearful of calories and carbs, I understand.

If you have been to regular gyms and felt shamed, bullied or made to feel unworthy, I get it.

If you want to feel differently about yourself inside and out,  I can help.

I work from a holistic health and wellbeing model that is body positive, free from weight and shape stigma and non-judgmental.  

I offer a person centered approach and I don’t do fad diet’s, quick fixes or bandaid solutions.

Using evidence-based counselling and coaching practices to support you to unpack negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours. I will support you to develop a positive and healthy mindset around your body and your body esteem.

I have over 10 years experience and qualifications in social work and counselling which give me the book skills, but I also use my own personal experiences and wisdom to work out what’s going on for you.

I will work closely with you one-on-one and offer everyone a tailor made and personalized approach to whatever your goals may be.

Body Image Coaching


Let’s start with a comprehensive holistic assessment.
We can take a look at sleep, hormones, stress, nutrition, thoughts, mood, movement and any other factors influencing your well being.


Based on your lifestyle and health profile we can create a tailor made movement and exercise program. The focus is on functional movement, body awareness and feeling confident and powerful in your body.


We will work together to set goals that are meaningful to you. That emphasizes mastery of skills, building strength and co-ordination, functional movement patterns and confident and joyful movement.


There are no 6 week challenges or juice fasts.
Regular reviews and check-ins on progress and intentions to ensure we are always heading in a value-driven direction.


Together we take the time to unpack some of the limiting beliefs and mindsets that are holding you back from believing you are good enough, strong enough, beautiful enough.


As important as progress and goal setting is, we also need to take time to care for ourselves, relax and unwind and refill our cup. We take the time to learn skills to guide regular self-care practice.


womens small group training
strong women squad


Want to build your confidence in the gym?
Want to join a community of like-minded women?
Want to feel stronger and
powerful inside and outside the gym?

Located in Maroubra Fitness First

women pull ups
premium coaching


Want to transform your body and your life?
Building smart sustainable habits in exercise, nutrition and mindset
Premium coaching will help to create a whole new you

Available Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

celery nutrtion bs


Struggling with yo-yo diets, weight-loss and gain and
overwhelm around food?
Want to change your relationship with food and your body?
Ready to let go of the past and step into the new you?

Available anywhere in Australia

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