Louise Thompson

I am a compassionate, dedicated and non-judgemental Therapist and Coach. I help women feel stronger, happier and in-tune in their own bodies. I want to challenge the current diet and fitness culture the tells us that we are not enough, never enough.

I am a Sydney based multi-talented Eating Disorder Therapist, Sports Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. All this is backed by over 10 years of experience helping hundreds of people change as an Accredited Mental Health Social worker.

I take a holistic approach to wellbeing and I empower women to be in touch with their bodies, minds and mojo’s!

Areas of expertise

  • Disordered eating
  • Body Dissatisfaction & Body Image
  • Binge Eating & Emotional eating
  • Bulimia & Compulsive exercise
  • Pre and Post-natal Body Image
  • Pre and post weight loss surgery, band, sleeve & bypass
  • Anxiety & perfectionism


  • Masters of Social Work & Bachelor of Human Services
  • Accredited Mental health Social Worker
  • Masters of Coaching Psychology
  • EMDR practitioner level 1
  • Clean health Performance PT level 1 & 2 and Nutrition level 1&2
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Female health and performance specialist certificate
  • Certificate of Applied Sports Nutrition – SNA
  • Safe return to exercise – Pre and Postnatal trainer

The dirt on clean eating

Certifications & Affiliations