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Mind Body Mojo – Our Mission

Our mission is to fight back against the current fitness and diet culture that says we are not good enough just as we are.

We say no more to the fitness bullshit that exists out there that says;

We need to eat less, burn more and hate our bodies smaller.

We say no more to the fitness bullshit that exists out there that says;

To be part of us you need to be fit, you need to have 6% body fat and you need to look a certain way.

We say no more to the diet culture that exists out there that says;

Your body is what makes you worthy

We say no more to the diet culture that exists out there that says;

It is normal to hate your body

The culture we live in tells us every day that our bodies need to be changed, shrunk and bullied into submission. There are the six weeks to sexy, drop those last five kilos, cut carbs, cut sugar, go keto and all of it just leading towards that one goal of being small, being less, and being not enough.

Let’s flip that message, remind ourselves that our bodies do not equal our worthiness, we are already enough.

Lets create a community and sharing this message that we can be enough, do enough and look enough without the products and the diets.

Here at Mind Body Mojo, we provide tools for sustainable change through body-positive, evidence-based, sustainable nutrition, training, and self-care information.

Our key values:

Encouraging compassion, respect, and kindness for our bodies

Focusing on what we can do, not the number on the scale

Encouraging bodies of all shapes and sizes to engage in fitness

Building a healthy relationship with food and fitness

Exposing fitness myths and bullshit

Providing quality no-nonsense information

Supporting your autonomy to reach your goals whatever they may be

Come on this journey with me and we can together support each other and encourage each other to be more positive, more respectful, and curious and conscious.

Maybe you are all like me and maybe you’ve come through a fitness journey yourself, you have been chewed up and spat out and know there must be another way.

Maybe you have realized that there is so much you disagree with, like appetite suppressant lollipops being marketed to a teenager or the thought that you don’t want to be on a diet when you are 60.

Or perhaps you feel stuck, in a cycle of dieting, restricting, yo-yo-ing weight. You’re scared of food and you don’t believe it will ever be possible to like your body.

We are here to help you find movement that makes you feel powerful, teach you how to eat to nourish your body, and start to love your body for what it can do, not just how it looks. Get strong, heal your relationship with your body and your self and embrace all that’s possible for you’re your life and for your body.

Its time to let go of the feelings of unworthiness and dissatisfaction and find the strength within to be unapologetically you.