50 health and fitness goals that will boost your health inside and out

When it comes to fitness it’s important to set realistic and time oriented goals, but what about when it comes to our health? Have a think about how you have treated your body the past few months; maybe some late nights, take-away lunches and excessive alcohol. When was the last time you went for a health check or donated blood?They all add up and contribute to our overall sense of health and well being.There is no one magic trick or silver bullet, nor is there one diet, bio hack or lifestyle that will make your body and mind instantly perform. Instead it’s all the little activities day in day out that add up.Have a peek below and see how many of these you are working towards or have a think about your own health and fitness goals.

  1. Have a regular pap smear
  2. Drink 2 litres of water every day
  3. Don’t forget to floss
  4. Drink no more than 2 cups of coffee a day
  5. Practice deep belly breathing for 5 minutes a day to relax and reduce tension and anxiety
  6. Learn how to squat with perfect form, keeping injury free is more important than the weight on the bar
  7. Run a mile
  8. Run 10 km
  9. Swim in the ocean out past the break
  10. Give blood once a year
  11. No phones, no laptops in bed
  12. Turn off email notifications on my phone
  13. Dry july or Octsober or booze free Feb
  14. 8 hours sleep. Solid, uninterrupted
  15. Eat three meals throughout the day of carbs, protein and fat to give me consistent energy
  16. Eat 5 serves of veg a day
  17. Learn and try out a new recipe every week
  18. Limit time spent on social media, 15 mins a day, no endless scrolling
  19. Get to the gym three times a week, every week
  20. Learn how to stand up paddle board
  21. Master the splits
  22. Hold a 10 second handstand
  23. Master the crow pose
  24. Eat less processed food and eat more organic food
  25. Learn how to meditate and practise daily
  26. Do one chin up
  27. Pistol squat, with photographic evidence!
  28. Chest to deck push up
  29. Practice self-care and gratitude every day, either through journaling or mindfullness
  30. Meat free Monday
  31. Eat more fibre
  32. Aim for 10000 steps
  33. Eat mindfully, no more lunches at my desk
  34. Set aside time to create my quarterly goals and check in on them
  35. Get outside at lunchtimes for a walk and sunshine for my mental health
  36. Pack and take my lunch to work every day
  37. Try out a new fitness class, anit-gravity yoga?
  38. Hold a plank for 2minutes
  39. Practice my kegel exercises at every red light
  40. Try out a new bushwalk trail
  41. Read a new book every month
  42. Eat breakfast every day
  43. Take self-defence classes
  44. 3 sessions of resistance training a week for my long term bone health
  45. Stretch, foam roller and massage once a week
  46. Prioritise rest and recovery over exercise
  47. Learn how to listen to my body
  48. Remind yourself constantly of your goals, create a vision board or one giant post-it
  49. Surround yourself with people who inspire you
  50. Practice positive self-talk

Remember health is not just about how physically fit you are, but also includes your mental and emotional health. These things are often not measurable until everything starts falling apart. Check-in with your mental health regularly and your physical health will follow!

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