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Hi there, I am Louise aka Lu-Lu. I am a compassionate, dedicated and non-judgemental coach and counsellor. I am the creator of Mind Body Mojo and I help women feel stronger, happier and in tune in their own bodies. I want to challenge the current diet and fitness culture and remind women that there is more to life than what you look like.

I am a Sydney based multi-talented Body Image coach,  eating disorder Counsellor,  Personal trainer and Mental Health advocate.  All this is backed by over 10 years  experience in the field and qualifications as a  Social worker, counsellor and personal trainer.

I take a holistic approach to wellbeing and I empower women to be in touch with their bodies, minds and mojo’s!



Are you tired of food phobias, restrictive diets and feelings of shame and guilt around food.

Work with me and find freedom from diet-culture craziness.



Is exercise punishment for what you have eaten, a chance to burn off calories?

How would it feel to find movement that you love, to feel strong, to feel capable and  in empowered in your body.



I know that it’s not all about the food and the exercise.

It’s deeper and its complex. Its about your relationship with, your body, your self and your feelings of worth and being enough.

Let me help you claim your body back, and learn to  like yourself and even love yourself..




Ellie- 35

Thank you for being such a big help.
You have given me back what I thought wasn’t possible – and I’ve loved almost every minute of it!!! (Except that damn skiing machine!!!)
I feel strong and ready for the next challenge.
And I’m getting better at asking for help.
I can’t thank you enough. Xxx
if you’re looking for advice, patience, encouragement and no BS – Lulu is your gal.


Sarah- 31

Thank you for the most spectacular morning @mindbodymojoau 🙌 sunrise meditation and peaceful strengthening moves were the perfect way to frame my day. I cannot recommend this session enough!! Love you!! ❤️


Jennifer – 31

Lu-Lu, you concentrate not only on making the body strong but you also focus on making my mind change from negative to positive.
Before I started I was taking Optislim. Now I am eating enough vegetable and proteins and drinking water, I understand the importance of nutrition. Most of all I want to say thank you, I really changed a lot.
Not only my body shape and weight but most important my mindset,
I feel I am strong now!


Laura – 31

The dirt on clean eating was such an eye opener to the way in which information is delivered to us, but also how we interpret it. It shed light on the not so good feelings around eating and food but Lu-Lu captured and empowered the room of fitness professionals as the spoke about how we can also move through and reshape our thinking. This was so much more than clean eating and I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to be a part of it.